Quality of the wood

The quality of wood makes a big difference

It is not only the design and construction that determines the lifetime of a window or a door. The raw materials also play a crucial role. At Bøjsø all of the exterior wood is made of Siberian larch, which does not absorb moisture and water. The wood is sourced from 200- 300 year old trees where we only use the wood from the lower 4-6meters of the trunk. The wood here is virtually without knots thereby keeps it shape and is dense. The quality of the Siberian Larch that we use has an unusually long lifespan as the wood can’t be broken down by rot and fungicide.

Siberian larch has an exceptionally good durability and is therefore particularly suitable for windows and doors in our harsh, northern climate. It is durable, the equivalent of oak, while we can guarantee that all exterior wood is 100% dense heartwood quality, which would not be possible with normal tree structure from most other manufacturers on the market. All interior wood is virtually knot free Pomeranian pine, ensuring a nice and smooth finish. With this structure you avoid the yellow stains in the paint usually caused by knots.


Tested in extreme conditions

Bøjsø perform ongoing trials in Denmark and has also participated with its own products in the Institute of Technology’s comprehensive analysis of wood in the Malaysian rainforest. This is to ensure our customers receive the optimal product, while it is important for us to experience first hand the evolution of the tree when it is exposed to extremely harsh weather conditions and high humidity levels. On our own testing station in Denmark the products are exposed to the elements being fitting at 45 degrees in a southerly direction. Here we test the various samples of wood and paint finishes outside on equal terms. From this we have a good knowledge of the durability of the products we sell.


Moisture contents determines lifespan

If the wood normally contains less than 27% moisture, there is no risk of rot. In the picture from our testing station is an example of a test result of dense heartwood, which is never seen exceeded 20%. The difference is very clear when compared with sapwood in the same test environment which takes in moisture in large parts of the year to approximately 60%, which means that there will be areas of rot in a short time. Throughout the year Siberian larch keeps a humidity of max. 20%, regardless of the paint product used.


Warranty against rot damage

The best wooden windows from the very old days lasted more than 100 years without rotting. A product of Bøjsø last at least as long. In order to emphasize the quality issue, we now issue a guarantee certificate with 20-year warranty against rot damage when choosing our new products made with Siberian larch. Subject to our Maintenance guidelines being followed.