Coupled Doors

Coupled doors

Bøjsøs coupled doors are, like our coupled windows, made to combine slim and detailed profiles,  with focus on indoor climate when it comes to energy, noise and comfort.

Coupled doors consists of two coupled sashes, in addition to a slightly larger frame size corresponds to our coupled windows. Normally, these are coupled patio doors, but we also have the ability to offer a coupled entrance doors (ed. FDK), which can be used for the purpose and can be locked from both sides.

The outer frame is made with one layer of glass with putty and slim glazing bars, which standard comes down to 19 mm.

The inner frame is made with energy-glazing, or alternatively 1 lay of glass with / without energy coating. With coupled doors are the slim frames and profiles being kept, and the building's original architectural style can be retained. Coupled doors are suitable when wanting a perfect match between coupled windows or similar with narrow profiles.



Besides the elegant design, insulation at a very high level is achieveable, making it possible to renovate with an aim to be both gentle on the house's original character, while optimizing energy efficiency and indoor climate.

Coupled doors are available in various profiles, glazing bars from 19 to 25 mm, and can be combined with a large range of hinges, design, glass, colors and other specifications. Our Triowood® coupled doors are with putty and 1 + 2 layers of glass, done “by the book” according to Scandinavian building tradition, which takes light, unique durability, details, comfort and energy into consideration.


Naturally, Bøjsø also offer a large selection of coupled windows, custom made to meet your requests.