Coupled Windows

Coupled Windows

Bøjsø’s coupled windows are made with the aim of uniting slim and detailed mouldings and optimising the indoor climate, when it comes to saving energy, noise and comfort.

A coupled window consists of two casements which are coupled, see our video on quality. The external casement is fitted with single glazing and putty and slim glazing bars, which as standard can be supplied as narrow as 19mm. The internal casement is fitted with a double glazed unit or alternatively with single glazing with or without K-glass.

With coupled windows you retain the slim glazing bars and mouldings and thus the original architecture and look of the property is kept.

Coupled windows are especially suited to listed properties and those in conservation areas.


Apart from the elegant design it can also achieve a U-value comparable with that of a modern window. If there are multiple panes in the casement, the U-value can at times be better than that of a comparative low energy window.

Coupled windows offer a variety of different mouldings with mouldings in sizes 19-25mm. They can be combined with a number of different hinges, designs, glass, colours and other specifications. Our Triowood® product is a coupled window with putty line and 1+2 glass and made ‘leaving nothing to be desired for’, with attention to light ingress, durability, details, comfort and energy efficient.

We also have a large selection of coupled doors, which like the coupled windows, optimises the indoor climate when it comes to saving energy, noise and comfort.



Our coupled windows and doors have excellent abilities where noise reduction is concerned and is an obvious choice whether the noise is from general traffic, trains or other noise sources, that need reducing.

As a standard our coupled Triowood® series is made up of different glass thicknesses in the 3-layers combined. Furthermore a diffusion tape is fitted which reduces the echo and noise through the casements.

Should you require even better noise attenuation, the build-up of the glass in our coupled windows can be changed to suit. Furthermore we can offer a super noise reducing ‘box’ window which is fitted with secondary glazing on the internal side of an existing window.

All our products have been tested and documented, by Delta at DTI*. Please contact us for further information or download our test results here

*Danish Technological Institut



Bøjsø is proud to have been a supplier of Raadvad windows for a number of years. The Raadvad Center (red. Centre for Conservation of buildings in Raadvad), had Soren Vadstrup as co-founder, has been an organisation with invaluable knowledge, competence and respect for the conservation of old, beautiful properties all over Denmark. The aim with the Raadvad window has been to make windows compatible with a certain year for historical buildings and be made so it represented windows with putty line and detailing to a very high quality. The windows are characteristically made using traditional angle brackets/hinges, linseed oil paint and glazing bars identical to those used in the years 1750-1950.

At Bøjsø we have a lot of experience with adapting already individually adapted windows and doors to listed properties and are competent in our knowledge in this field to give advice to our clients as to what suits their property. All our windows and doors are supplied with respect for the current demands for energy, light ingress, Bøjsø's unique wood quality and at the same time preserving the historical expression to the minutest detail.

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