Entrance Doors

Entrance doors

Bøjsø's entrance doors can be made to match the chosen or existing window type. There are profiles that match all of our windows and also able to be adapted to specific and individual requests.

Our doors are custom made to the size, model specification of our customers.

The doors are high quality and rigid construction offering highly sophisticated entrance doors, combining design, security and longevity.



External doors can be made a single or double doors which can be used as either patio doors or entrance doors. The doors can be made with panels or Georgian bars or both. Panels are fitted with glazing beads and not black gaskets.


There are 3 options for the external doors:

  • B-profile (double glazing)
  • Profile KDS (double glazing and panels)
  • Profile FDK ( to match coupled windows)


In other words there are opportunities of making an accurate and high quality product for the entrance of your home.