Secondary glazing

Secondary glazing

Preserve the old window, reduce the heat consumption and noise level in your home with secondary glazing from Bøjsø. Secondary glazing is a good alternative if you want to preserve the existing single glazed windows whilst getting a better insulation value. Secondary glazing from Bøjsø is done with profiles that complement the old windows and are ideal in both renovation and home improvement.. Secondary glazing is made to measure, tailored to your windows.


Two options available:

  • Profile FR-1: Secondary glazing with a single Low E glass
  • Profile FR-2: Secondary glazing with a DGU Low E


Secondary glazing comes as standard with brass fasteners, with white specially designed hinges and a white gasket between frame and sash.


Energy rated glass

There are big savings to be made on heating when installing secondary glazing. The casements are supplied with Low e glass and the heat loss can be reduced to less than 1/3 compared to old windows with single glazing.



Secondary glazing can significantly reduce noise levels. Bøjsø can offer a variety of options to optimise the glass to  meet higher demands for noise reduction.

We also offer a complete window construction, made as a box. It consists of an external frame with single glazing, putty line and a secondary glazing to the inside. This can be used only if the existing window is replaced and here you will get the advantages and benefits known from the original design of Secondary glazing.