Bøjsø doors & windows are at the forefront when it comes to energy-efficient windows and doors. Our interconnected Triowood® system complies with the current Danish standard requirements until the year 2020. For a small additional charge, more energy efficient glazing is also available (Energy rated A, as specified by Danish Building Regulations) where insulation ability is better than the requirements expected in 2020.

Windows and doors play an important part in both New build as well as renovation in terms of heat loss. There is much to be saved on the heating bill and at the same time being environmentally friendly.

Energy Calculation of Bøjsø Windows - How It Works:

When you receive offers and / or order confirmation from Bøjsø, we also specify the precise energy statistics for the spefific window or door,  where you also get a comprehensive calculation of the entire specification average u-value.

We can also send an energy fact sheet with the total energy calculation.