Surface Treatment & Colors


Priming with Teknos primer 2907
Finishing and intermediate sanding
A further coat of Teknos 2907 primer is applied.



Teknos Aquatop 2620 is sprayed on in a thickness of min. 80-100 MY in dry film.



Additional fungicides have been added to both primer and final colour treatment to prevent damage from wood fungi and mould.

Aquatop series 2600 has many benefits which contribute towards a longer wood life. The primer binds well on untreated wood and both the primer and the trial colour treatment are diffusion open which is very important to the wood in the furniture.

This surface treatment conforms with the demands set in EN-152 – without vacuum impregnation. At the same time, it conforms to the regulations set by the Danish Window Industry (DVC), on the provisory the company is an approved DVC2-ØK manufacturer.

Bøjsø doors and windows a/s generally use Siberian larch, which is 100% heartwood, on all exterior wood surfaces which generally doesn’t absorb moisture. This means that the paint isn’t that important to the durability as it would have had on wood sorts with less density and where the grains aren’t so close. Bøjsø’s products fulfill the demands set by DVC’s 2-ØKO on the ratio of heartwood used and with 100% dense and heartwood ratio. Bøjsø’s products product by far exceeds the level as set by DVC. This process no longer gains from being vacuum impregnated and has long since been fased out in the Bøjsø wood treatment.

We offer a 5 year guarantee in accordance with the rules on guarantee set by DVC/VSO for this treatment.

Ral 9001

Ral 9010

Ral 7035

Ral 7042

Ral 5008

Ral 9005

Ral 8016

Ral 6009

Ral 3011

Technical facts about Bøjsøes surface treatment

I. Priming

Priming of critical areas, like corners, is done prior to the actual surface treatment.

II. Base Coat


Base coat: Teknos 2907-42 (with extra protection)

The base coat has a deep penetration quality and is a specially formulated acrylic product with a high fungicide content.

It is especially formulated to connect with the natural binder in the timber cell structure and resin in the lignin.

The acrylic part makes the paint smooth and able to follow the natural movement of the wood and is at the same time more diffusion open than ordinary alkyd paint products.



III. Filling and fine intermediate sanding.

Filling and fine intermediate sanding is done after thus ensuring good conditions for the final finish and the adhesion gets optimal conditions too.

IV. Topcoat

Teknos aquatop 2620-2x (a specially developed acrylic paint which has shown very strong and adhesive characteristics on fx. pine heartwood and Siberian Larch).

Teknos 2620-2x is spray applied with a thickness of approx. 125MY in dry film.

This surface treatment complies with EN-152 without vacuum impregnation.

This treatment also confirms to the regulation set by DVC (?) on the condition that the company fulfils the demands set by DVC2-ØKO on wood quality which Bøjsø exceeds by far.

Aquatop 2620-2x has proven to have impressive strength and durability on Siberian Larch. Our experience shows us that the paints lasts considerably longer on our high quality Siberian Larch, being due to the slow growth of Siberian Larch.

The porosity of our surface treatment is very efficient and developed so both wood and surface have the best conditions.

This can best be explained by the old acrylic paints being as impermeable as rubber gloves.

The molecular structure of Aquatop 2620-2x is likened to a Goretex Mac which allows the body to breath but at the same time repels water.

“It is proven that the time between repainting becomes longer and we can for that reason recommend this type of treatment as a good investment for our customers” says Bøje Sørensen.

Bemærk: Farverne er en skærmteknisk gengivelse – farvenuancen på leverede produkter kan afvige fra de viste farver.

Putty in coupled windows and doors.

These products are supplied with white putty as standard.

Can be supplied in following colours for a small surcharge:

Grey RAL 7042 – Green RAL 6020 – Brown RAL 8002 – Blue RAL 5008

Bøjsø putty doesn’t require painting before the windows need repainting.

Remember to choose the putty colour on order.



As an alternative, Bøjsø can offer their products with linseed oil paint however this will be supplied without guarantee. We recommend Aquatop Surface treatment which is guaranteed according to our guarantee statement.